Lessons for my child

So exciting news, my partner is pregnant, we’re having a baby! The prospect of having a child is simultaneously exciting and scary and recently I’ve been thinking, “what are the most important things I can teach my child”, which is the topic of this blog post.

Nobody knows everything

They never will! Everybody had to learn everything they know at some point in their lives. You should never feel shame for not knowing something, nor should you shame others who don’t know what you do. Each person has their own circumstances and experiences that gets them to wherever they are in life, and along that journey they learn. Learning is good so I hope you see opportunities to learn as times of growth, not for self-criticism.


Related to learning is mistakes. They are one of several ways in which we learn things, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. It’s better to have a go and get it wrong than never to try at all. Although maybe this bit of advice is context dependent? It’s definitely important for when you’re a kid though!

Live your life with kindness

If there was only one thing I could impart on my child it would be to be kind. Of course I want them to be happy, supported, all the nice things, but a core part of who I am is trying to be kind, so I hope that imparts on them too.

Ben Harrap
Ben Harrap

Researcher in linked data, Indigenous health, and child removals. Amateur gardener and brewer.